Philosophy of Care

I work closely with your family dentist to maintain the health of your teeth, smile and face. A healthy mouth gives you clean breath, the ability to eat anything and confidence when speaking and smiling.

I strongly encourage all my patients to develop a long-term relationship with their family dentist. Your periodontist does not take the place of your dentist. The best way to keep your mouth healthy is with a well designed, ongoing program of prevention. Your private practice dentist and periodontist will get to know you and your family's unique dental health needs. Because continuity of care is a vital component of long term success, I recommend you avoid the heavily marketed, multi-location dental and periodontal storefronts. There is often a high turnover in staff and dentists and you may not receive appropriate personalized care. Also, because these commercial dental and periodontal clinics have non-dentist owners and shareholders, they will often be more expensive in the long run.

After a comprehensive examination of your mouth, we will develop a treatment plan that meets your needs and concerns. We will work in close communication with your dentist to ensure the success of your treatment.